Creative Cusp is Kristy Hogue (she/her).
white, cis, queer, and currently living on Duwamish land, sometimes referred to as Seattle, WA.

Having grown up with tarot and astrology, I have used them throughout my life as a way to get out of my head and into my intuition (even before I had those words to describe it). I remember sitting on my mom’s bed as she asked me questions and pulled tarot cards for insight, and astrology was always weaved into the conversations we had. As a teenager I began using these tools on my own, and I spent my 20’s studying and deepening into the mediums further. I’ve now transitioned from using them solely for myself to witnessing how transformative they are when offered out to a larger community.

I bring as much dedication and passion to these intuitive tools as I do to anti-racism work within myself. It wasn’t too long ago that I looked around and the only white healers and readers I could find were problematic and appropriative. Thankfully in recent years we’ve seen a rise in the publicity and accessibility of white folks engaging in responsible mysticism within their privilege, and using it to deconstruct and remediate their own legacy of racism, white saviorship, and exceptionalism. I believe that when we heal ourselves we set the foundation to heal our communities, which allows us to do the necessary daily work of making society more equitable. This is how I use my work for myself, and for others.

To learn more about my work and my approach to tarot and astrology, see the Philosophy page.