New Year, New Resources, Deeper Level of Me

Today is January 1, 2019, and throughout the past week folks around the world have been taking time to reflect on their experiences in 2018 and look forward to 2019 by setting goals, resolutions, and intentions for the new year. For me, December 2018 was all about finishing the gestation period of this little website baby, and birthing it into the world as a portal for using my gifts to help more people cross thresholds in their life.


That process was so much more than picking a site template, loading my readings in, and creating an About Me page. It was about deepening into tarot and astrology so that I can utilize them in the most helpful ways possible, it was about finding a community of threshold doulas to connect with, and it was a lot about embodying The Fool card to take the leap into something new and vulnerable without spending the weeks (and months and years) to perfect every little piece first.

We can always continue to learn, evolve, and get to know ourselves, and I want to take the time to share with you some of the tools I’m using to tap into new levels of myself and my work. These are all open to anyone who would also like to participate, so keep reading to learn more and then get clicking to take advantage of the resources!

2019 Theme Creation

You may have noticed the #whatsyourword tag floating around social media. In recent years folks have ditched specific resolutions where you only have two options — succeed or fail — and opted for an intention that allows for more flexibility. Some people call it their Word for the year; I prefer to call it a Yearly Theme. This is the feeling you want to create and call on throughout your year. It’s what you are being called to deepen into, in whatever form that takes. A theme pivots from just checking the boxes to living your ehole year in an aligned way. It has greater potential than resolutions because you aren’t dictating up front how that might look, and are instead using your theme as a loving guide for your decisions.

Do you have your 2019 theme yet?

If you don’t, that’s no problem at all — and I can help! There’s never a bad time to set your theme, and there’s a particular process I’ve followed for a full ten years now that helps me get to mine each year. Through reflection questions and tapping into your intuition, my completely FREE Yearly Theme Worksheet guides you through the process I use in order to land on your 2019 intention. I even recorded an audio guide along with it where I give even more insight into how I do this. It’s all waiting for you to dive in and add your magic to it!

My theme this year is Alchemy. To me that means taking all the raw materials in my world and creating something new and a little bit magical with them. Whether that’s utilizing my current knowledge and intuition to read for others, or just using up all the items in my pantry to make a new and delicious dinner, I am leaving room for alchemy to show up in whatever way it wishes this year. Themes I’ve heard from others this year include: Connection, Surrender Control, Quality, Minimalism and Low Waste, Nurture, Abundance, Expansion, and Embrace. So beautiful, right?

The second resource I’m working through this new year is Chani Nicholas 2019: The Year Ahead for Your Sign. Chani is an incredible astrologer, and someone I’ve learned a ton from throughout the past several years. She has offered so many great courses for really digging into the specifics of astrology, but her moonly workshops and Year Ahead offering are so accessible and consistently wonderful. Whether you are just beginning to expand beyond horoscopes or are a seasoned star aficionado, The Year Ahead will provide fascinating insight into the major transits of the year, what that means for you, and how to work with it to make 2019 exactly what you need it to be, all for just $40. Honestly, it’s a killer deal.

Art by Chase Voorhees, from

Art by Chase Voorhees, from

Want to call on some deep tarot wisdom for the year as well? I couldn’t recommend all of Lindsay Mack’s work more highly, but specifically her THRESHOLD offering (for only $33!) is exceptionally gorgeous. Lindsay dives into the magic and medicine that 2019 is bringing us, through the lens of the Tarot. Via audio lesson, a guided meditation, and a variety of tarot spreads, exercises, and rituals, Lindsay brings her unique soul-centered lens of the tarot and its meaning into the energy of the new year. Like the other resources, you don’t have to be an expert to dip a toe in this offering. It’s a great way to get to know the healing nature of tarot and how you can use it for yourself, as are all of Lindsay’s Tarot for the Wild Soul podcast episodes (which are completely free).

Thresholds are a point of entry, a new beginning, something we must cross to move from one place into another. They are a magical bridge, a gateway birthing us from one cycle to the next. The shift into a New Year is a profoundly transformative threshold. Honoring and ritualizing the thresholds of our lives — especially that of a new year — is one of the most radical acts of love we can offer ourselves.
— Lindsay Mack, about The Threshold

So that’s that. Those are a few of the really powerful tools I’m using to show up for myself and make space for newness on this first day of January, 2019. What will you do with the opportunities of this rich annual transition, and what magic are you open to receiving this year? Drop me a line in the comments below to share your theme and intentions for 2019!