Utilizing tarot and astrology to uncover your inherent strengths, so that you can courageously conquer uncertainty.

Tarot and Astrology are powerful tools. My work is to engage these tools alongside my intuitive gifts to provide perspective and guidance for you in the moment you are in right now.

I do not use tarot or astrology for fortune telling or divination. There are many people who choose to use them this way — and pop culture certainly likes to reinforce that use — but I do not find them particularly helpful for that purpose. My focus is in utilizing tarot and astrology for reflection, growth, and healing. They present to us two related but distinct frameworks of archetypes and themes that guide us into deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us; this assists us in making conscious choices for our future instead of waiting around for fate to show up and take over.

The purpose of my work is to identify your unique strengths and challenges and help you use that information to navigate areas of uncertainty within your life. Tarot and astrology provide a language for us to do that work, and can successfully shift us out fear or doubt and empower you to make decisions that are most in alignment with your core Truth.

I have experienced how these methods, when applied to our lives in the current moment, empower personal transformation and align each of us with our unique purpose. Understanding your astrological birth chart and receiving insight from tarot also bring beautiful ritual and ceremony into our lives, and they can caretake us through essential healing.

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I use the Whole Sign House System (WSH) for the astrological components of my readings. WSH is the original system of house division in western astrology. In this system, the sign of the Ascendant — also known as the rising sign — designates the first house of the chart but “floats” within this house instead of demarcating its beginning. The twelve houses of the chart are divided equally with 30 degrees each, and each zodiac sign aligns with a separate house.

Though I have used other schools and house systems throughout my life, WSH resonates with me most deeply and allows me to bring more alignment and intuition into my work. It is also the house system used by the people I currently learn from. This enables me to deepen into my own education and practice, as well as most easily translate that knowledge into what I offer to others.


I practice Soul Tarot. Originally developed by Lindsay Mack, Soul Tarot is a way of interpreting and intentionally utilizing the Tarot for our soul's growth and evolution. A core principle of the Soul Tarot methodology is that, at its root, the meaning of each tarot card must be applicable to all people. I find that this methodology allows for archetypal interpretation that is centered within open expression, equity and justice, and the spiralic nature of growth instead of relying on limiting aspects like gender binaries, good vs evil, and vilification of particular experiences. Soul Tarot focuses on the energies of contraction and expansion and the life-death-life cycle of all that we partake in. It allows me to honor in my readings every way folks may express, and acknowledge that each experience in a person’s life can serve as a teacher to provide us something that can be utilized for our highest and best good.

My Readings

All of my readings are recorded (or written, if you prefer or need) and delivered to you with additional reference materials unique to your reading. This format allows me to drop most deeply into your reading and provide thoughtful and comprehensive insight. It also enables you to listen to your reading at the time and place that is best for you, and at the pace you need. Without the dependency on a pre-scheduled appointment, I can offer my readings to anyone who desires them across time zones, and to those for which an audio-visual format does not work well.

I am available for live discussion through my office hours as well, if you desire to connect that way. During this appointment time we can more deeply discuss a reading you’ve received from me, apply elements of your chart to specific experiences in your life, or explore information you’ve gathered about astrology or tarot from other sources. That can be booked through the readings page.

In the future, I plan to expand my offerings to include more long-term coaching and transition support, such as for a Saturn Return period. Please keep in touch to stay in the loop about these opportunities!