Astrological Birth Chart Reading


Astrological Birth Chart Reading


What it is

An astrological natal chart reading detailing where the planets were when you were born, and what that means for you. This reading also includes information about significant current planetary transits that are influential to you right now. This reading requires you know the time of your birth.

Best For:

  • A deep understanding of how the astrological elements of your birth influence you now, including your major strengths and challenge areas.

  • Guidance on how to best work with your natural personality, gut responses, and intuition in multiple areas of your life.

  • Information about current “themes in the sky,” and how they are interacting with you and the elements of your natal chart right now

This reading is designed for folks who are not familiar with the details of their full astrological birth chart, and is most helpful when you can provide 1-2 areas of your life in which you are experiencing a transition or would like focused insight on.

Already familiar with your astrological birth chart? The Astro Reading w/o Birth Chart may be a better fit.

What You Get:

A 90min recorded reading and an image of your birth chart. A written reading is available as an alternative if you need or prefer.

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