What folks have said…


Birth Chart Readings

“I had my birth chart done, and it was one of the most fascinating gifts I could give myself.” -Hillary

"This was my first birth chart reading and it was fantastic! Super insightful and you seemed to really hit the nail on the head with a lot of the things you were seeing in my chart. I really loved having the recording available to listen, revisit, and follow along with while looking over the included birth chart. You helped me better understand how to read my own birth chart and understand how my personality is affected by my signs." -Ashley

"Thank you so much for this wonderful reading! I got chills at multiple moments when your words really resonated with me. I’ve always struggled with my zodiac sign since it fits well in some ways and not at all in others. This birth chart reading really validated that for me." -Isabella


Astro-Tarot Readings

“As a spiritual wellness junkie, I’ve had many psychic, astrology, and tarot readings through my life. Kristy’s was by the far the warmest and most accurate reading I’ve ever received! Her astrological chart reading was so in-depth and provided many clear explanations for experiences and feelings I’ve had throughout my life. Everything was spot on. The tarot reading was perfect and just what I needed to hear at the time. It was so comforting to have the reading before the holidays. I can’t thank Kristy enough and plan on using her again and again! ” -Meghan

"[The reading] was so perfect and beautiful! Thank you so much. You have the most soothing voice too. I just finished listening and taking notes so I’m sure it will be sinking in for a while." -Rose

"I so enjoyed sitting down and listening to [my reading], learning about the framework and what my birth chart means. I have to tell you, I nearly cried when you got into my details. [...] It all makes so much sense to now have the information in my birth chart, like the last piece of the puzzle coming together." -Liz

“Life has been a little bit crazy this year. Normally, I'm a very left-brained person, but with the need for a new way of looking at life and a good recommendation from my friend Nicole, I knew I needed to try Kristy's birth chart services. I received an hour long audio file and sat down with a cup of tea while listening and took eight pages of notes. She covered not only some of the basics of astrology and tarot card reading, but also gave real-life examples of how the big picture ideas fit into my own life. I will absolutely be following up for additional consultations and will be recommending Kristy's services to my closest friends.” -Chrystina

"After having my birth chart and tarot reading it is not as if I learned something new (with the exception of Uranus moving through my 12th house the last 7 years, mind-blown) but Kristy brought a better understanding and another way to view my situation. This was an exciting and also an emotional experience for me and I cannot thank Kristy enough for her response to my questions that I had and just for the overall kindness. I would encourage everyone to try both birth chart and tarot reading at the same time and then return later for another tarot reading as a tune up." -Christina


Tarot Readings

"Thank you for the reading, it was definitely validating and a good reminder to be kind to myself and to trust the process. I appreciate the thorough reading and I actually enjoyed this format since I can always come back and listen to it again in the future." -Susy