Your Yearly Theme

Congratulations — you made it through another whole year! Let’s make sure you’re feeling confident about the next one.

The end of one year and beginning of another is a powerful time to reflect and to look forward. Some people create resolutions, others create goals — I prefer an annual Theme: one word or short phrase that is calling me to take a journey deeper into it for the coming cycle. A theme is less specific than a resolution or goal, and allows the lessons and joys to manifest in ways I can’t imagine when I begin. In past years, my theme has at different times excited me, scared me a bit, nourished me deeply, and sometimes has challenged me, but it’s always led me closer to my core Truth and aligned my life with what I am needing to receive.

I do this every year for my birthday, though the beginning of a new calendar year is also a great time to create a theme. Whether you choose to do this now or later, I’ve put together a worksheet and audio guide with the method I have used for years to determine my Yearly Theme. It allows you to carve out some time and energy for yourself, and really tune into what you are being asked to step into. The heart of the method is a series of reflections and writing prompts that will help you land on your theme. The worksheet also has space for you to track how your theme manifests throughout your year.

Download the worksheet by clicking here.

The below audio guide is about 55 minutes long and was designed to lead you through the worksheet. It is optional, and you can follow the worksheet without it if that is better for you.

You did it! Happy New Year!

Once you’ve developed your theme, I would love to hear it! What does it mean to you? What came up for you that helped you land on this theme?

If you are comfortable sharing, you can do so below and/or head over to Instagram or Twitter and share with me there!